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Fanfic: The Shining Garden - (Secret Garden K-Drama/SHINee crossover)

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Title: The Shining Garden
Introduction and Chapter One: Only a Stuntman
Rating: PG
Pairing: None, yet (eventual main pairing of Onew/Minho, as well as quite a few others)
Summary: Onew is the President of a department store, son of a chaebol. Minho is a stuntman, son of a fireman. Both are beyond stubborn and possibly the two most prideful people in Seoul - and it will take magic to bring them together.
A/N: This is a cross-over fic between the Secret Garden K-drama and K-pop band SHINee, and there will be other random K-pop people as well.

SHINee/Other - Secret Garden correspondences:

Onew - Kim Joo-Won - Pres. of a department store
Minho - Gil Ra-Im - Stuntman
Key - Oska - Pop Idol and Onew’s hyung/1st cousin
Jonghyun - Secretary Kim - Onew’s secretary
Taemin - Ssun - Musician
Kyuhyun - Yuen-sul - CF/MV director and Key’s ex
Donghae - Ah-Young - Minho’s room-mate/best friend
Changmin - Director Im - Minho’s Action Team Director
Amber - Second Director Hwang - Changmin’s 2nd in command
Sungmin - Chae-rin - Actor and one of Key’s on-again-off-agains

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